Secrets of the Obedient Brush Workbooks

Introducing Secrets of the Obedient Brush Workbook series based on the most popular and still requested Artist’s Express, Secrets of the Obedient Brush; which can only be found on Paperback from $19.66 (used from around $19.00 – New from $102.00).

Maggie McClellan’s art books, “What’s It All About?” and “Secrets of the Obedient Brush” prompted me, as a mixed media artist, to ask myself several questions about my art work at this juncture in time.  I was inspired by her to reaffirm my goals, my art process, my skills, style, and interests—past, present, and future. I wound up writing three pages of questions and answers. It provided a new clarity and allowed me to see the big picture going forward.

Not only did these books stimulate important considerations for me, but her wisdom, based on forty years of teaching art and painting, provided new ideas and points of view. Maggie has asked herself the hard questions about making art and we all benefit. I am grateful to have profited from her knowledge.   Deanna Shapiro, Englewood, Florida  2/1/17

The new series has been developed from the original Artist’s Express….I’m proud to say “NEW AND IMPROVED”.  That’s because I’ve grown a lot since that book was published and have much more to share with you.

Workbook 1: Drawing – 133 B&W pages  $35.00
Workbook 2: What’s It All About – 37 pages  COLOR $25.00
Workbook 3: Planning a Painting – 37 pages B&W + COLOR $22.00
The 3 books together are $75.00 (saving $5.00) plus tax and (nominal) shipping.

Note:Workbook 4 and 5 are in the works.  They’re about painting “loosely” in oils and and watercolor.  They will show what to expect and what really works.

Kitty Kay Myers, Lapel Indiana –  August 3rd, 2014  (via Messenger). She had just received her books in the mail. “I have read the books from cover to cover but now I want to go back and really absorb them.  There is soooo much helpful information in them.  There are things I struggle with that you make sense.  I am going to try the contour drawing for perspective…once I read and read what you wrote again.  I struggle with foreshortening and drawing buildings.  My dad used to try and explain the perspective with the dot on the horizon and lines drawn to it * and I only got a headaches by the time he was done.”

Artist’s Express – Secrets of the Obedient Brush was published in 1990 and was highly acclaimed by Stephen Doughtry, editor (at that time) of American Artist magazine.  The edition of 1000 sold out by word of mouth in 2 years.  I still get requests for it and you can get a copy from  This particular link has a price tag of $365.81 for the book!  Wow.

Edition Sold Out
Rachael’s Island Adventures
5 book series
Written by Susan Hanafee
38 Illustrations by Maggie McClellan

*Kitty is referring to Vanishing Point Perspective as shown in the image below.


Below is the example of contour perspective as explained in my new series (pictured above) Workbook 1 – Drawing.  You can get the book (really quickly) to see how I learned it and how I explain it.   It works!  It really does.