Germantown Baptist Church Murals

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Art Impact, Miami, Florida that hired me to design two floors of murals….four hallways, each 170′ long for the Bellevue Baptist Church school in Memphis, TN.  The project took me over a year to complete.

When I was selected to take part in an “Artist in Residence” project for St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s new nuclear imaging wing, I had the privilege to see the start of the first mural being painted by Art Impact’s crew.  Scroll down to see the murals being painted on location.

The murals were each a story from the bible (chosen by teachers on each hall) which shows the landscape and story along each side of the hallways (right and left points of the compass).  This required me to visualize standing in the middle of a (scene) story as if I was actually there in person. On some of the pictures you will see the (corresponding) painting I did taped to the wall for the crew to follow. To see the individual murals, click here or go to Maggie’s Business and click on Murals.

Claudio (Art Impact’s owner) invented 3-D stuffed animals that protruded out from the walls.  Carpets were designed to carry the landscapes across from one side to the other.

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