Boxes Grow into…..

And the purpose for learning how boxes function grows into more complicated shapes.  If laying a box down flat on a table or receding in space, then doing these
exercises will be a huge challenge.

Perhaps I have gotten ahead of myself, or left out a step.

Everything we draw begins with 3 simple shapes….3-basic-shapes
learn to identify these shapes within anything you are trying to replicate (i correct proportion) and you can create very complex structures accurately. Check out my Drawing Workbook .










As we get more and more confident about increasing the complexity of our objects, we notice that the
two “P”s – PROPORATION & PERSPECTIVE  come into play.

“Observing and translating the relationships between the various shapes and objects, one to another and to the picture plane, will give you proper proportion and placement. The odds of reproducing your compositional design correctly dramatically increases the more accurately you observe, interpret, and translate these relationships.”  That’s a Maggie quote.
Whew, what a mouthful, but truer words were never spoken.



Getting the right proportion of one thing to another is so valuable to making a really solid composition. The basics of good composition is abstraction, breaking things down into simple shapes and values.




More about that later!






These are a set of boxes that fit one into the next (like the Russian dolls).  Try this.  You can get the boxes at Hobby Lobby.




And now about perspective!


I’m always on the lookout for things that are readily available to learn from and, I don’t know about you, but I always find there’s cardboard boxes in my life.

What great instructor’s they are for perspective.  All those flaps going multiple directions.  Oh, yeah! Just try it.  Put a really strong spot light on them and limit surrounding light so you see only light and dark shapes.  cardboard-boxes-1

See the painting at the bottom of this blog.  It’s one of my favorite from my “Painting Puzzles” collection.  PS: the cardboard   box is not the only box shape in this painting.  The bench is 2 boxes…one on top of the othercardboard-boxes-1cardboard-boxes-2.

And this takes us into how I learned to paint loosely….what most of the artist’s that seek me out what to know.Tune in for my “Two Football Teams”….my next blog.

Enjoy tackling boxes!






























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