Maggie McClellan

Contemporary Impressionistic Realism

Painted Puzzles

From innocence to nearly losing myself to finding peace.  A journey from near death to full life.

My work followed an atypical path of convenience, learning growth, experimentation, self-discovery and realization through the body of work I created.

Painted Puzzles describes one period of my artistic life….a period that didn’t just change my life but ultimately saved it.

I developed a serious illness and was put on temporary leave from my job as a flight attendant (we were called stewardesses at that time).  Being someone who didn’t like being idle, I took a needlepoint class at a local park.  That led to making and selling needlepoint designs.  This led to a desire to learn to draw better (makes for better designing) and so I enrolled at a local art school.  Within a few weeks, the airline reinstated me and my flying schedule messed with my class schedule.

This was the moment I was introduced to Chinese painting and the Chows (who wrote and illustrated the Foster Book on Chinese Painting).  That was my focus for about 10 years.  Despite becoming quite accomplished in this genre, I found that my heart was too “Americanized” to continue.  Changing midstream from the classical Oriental style of painting to American/European style could be equated to being about to finish Graduate school and deciding to go back to 1st grade.

Confluence!   Merriam-Webster describes confluence as a place where two rivers or streams join to become one; a situation in which two things come together or happen at the same time.  That’s what my work ultimately became a coming together of the two worlds of painting.

Here entered Miles Batt.  His work fascinated me.  Such imagination.  I asked him how he would go about coming up with those “ideas”.  He seemed at a loss for a minute or two and then said, “all I would say is to put in your work anything that pops into your head”.  And those words were prophetic in a way no one would have guessed.  TO BE CONTINUED….the story of each painting will be included shortly.


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