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Welcome to the Palette Pals Studio

Thank you, Susan Castleberry, for giving me the opportunity to build the Palette Pals Studio.  This studio was designed for my students to spend time exchanging ideas and inspirations.

We turned an ordinary back yard into a place to paint, work and learn.
It was a 9 month journey of agonizing over decisions, researching building methods that would fit the budget, learning about what a home owner can do and can’t do,  what’s the right number of windows and kind of lighting.  Can this be afforded or this or what’s the compromise that will work best?  Thank you Paul Wojtowicz at TruEx Preferred Construction. You were so great to work with.  Fun, caring, efficient and, to get this done, you went the extra mile when I gave you my budget.  It was a big project on a limited budget.

The building is constructed in “SIPS” (Structural Insulated Panel Structure).  That is to say: it’s a cement board sandwich with foam panels inside.  Thank you, Brian and Jeannie, at New Panel Homes in Englewood for being right around the corner with the product that would give me the best utilization of space and “green” construction.  Nice job done by  Hamilton Air (the Mitsubishi is fabulous); Total Comfort Window and Aluminum;  the roofers, the gutter company, the painters and Kevin (TruEx’s electrician) for wiring and lighting the studio.

The gallery below is a montage of the building of Palette Pals.

Now I’ve just got to fix the fence and get some landscaping going!




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