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August 22, 2016

You are so wonderful, Maggie! Thank you so very, very much! I have such fond memories of being able to learn from such an exquisitely talented artist.  Beyond being a phenomenal, world-class artist, you were also the best teacher one could ever hope for.  Thank you for your generosity in writing this letter on my behalf!  Blessings always,  Peggy Mayfield  Illinois


I found these beautiful flowers on my doorstep when I got home the other day from one of my students who had just finished my drawing class at Englewood Art Center, (the note he attached – through Ann’s Flowers in Englewood, FL – is quoted below the photo)….


I have recently taken several art classes. The one that you taught that ended yesterday was the best of the best. Creme de la creme. Thank you. I’m looking forward to the next one.
Gerry Phillips, Florida

Maggie McClellan is the best painting teacher I have ever had.  I have been an artist since I was a child.  I have studied art in private classes, in elementary and high school, was a fine arts major in college and have taken workshop and classes from many well-known artists.  I have learned more from Maggie than anyone else!”
Jane Bishop , Ohio & Florida

“This is my third workshop on loose technique. It was the firsttime I understood why the artist did what she did, how she did it and where she was going each stop of the way. Very enthusiastic presentation, held everyone’s interest. She was the most knowledgeable of the three artists or the most willing to share her knowledge. She hasn’t forgotten her beginnings and can identify with us. She’s the best!” New Smyrna Beach, FloridaMaggieinPuertoRico

“You are enthusiastic. It’s evident you enjoy your work. You draw very well and have a keen understanding of the elements. You made the workshop fun. You deserve your awards. I want to see more of your work, especially oils. Let me show with you someday and maybe be your gopher at some workshop. Paint me. I’ll pose for your easel or camera. It would be an honor.” Nashville, Indiana

“Maggie, I would love to keep in touch with you, learn more from you and someday make you proud to say that I am your student … as I will always be!” Ann, Nashville, Indiana

“You are a very good teacher. Not all people who paint well can MAGGIE.sun-articleinstruct others to paint better. I’ve seen ‘look what I can do’ workshops, but in addition to showing that, you motivate, help, direct, and encourage students to see what (more) they can do! Great Job! Joann Boehm,  Worthington, Ohio

“Keep teaching the way you do, Maggie, because if one can’t learn from you… they can’t learn, period.” Sarasota, Florida

“Maggie, you are an excellent artist, but for us, it is important that you are a very good teacher. At some workshops the teachers can paint well, but they can’t always teach. You gave help and attention to both beginners and advanced students. Thank you.” Nashville, Indiana

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