My watercolors show a lot of versatility due to “life choices” I had to make during my career. I chose teaching instead of exhibiting after a devastating divorce and Hurricane Andrew as it seemed the wisest path for regaining stability at that critical moment in my life.  Doing street festivals and gallery exhibits require a great deal of advance income with little or no guarantee of return.  It’s a risky venue that I wasn’t in a position to explore.

Since I had already been on the “workshop circuit” and had considerable recognition for my teaching, my paintings and have a very special talent for versatility,  I was able to teach a variety of workshops in landscapes, still-life, figure and people.  Of course, PEOPLE.  That’s my passion. 

I always have felt honored whenever I would get a request for a commission for a portrait, or a painting of someone’s beloved pet.  How about some boats….absolutely.  I’ve lived in South Florida for over 45 years. I just love the Keys and all the great boats that were found randomly docked, especially Card Sound Road which I traveled to and from for 12 years while teaching at the Ocean Reef Art Center. Many of my boat scenes came from that few blocks which provided fodder for paintings for me that entire time. It won great praises from a judge at the Venice Art Center’s water theme exhibition and was a demonstration a Cape Coral Art League’s workshop I taught not long ago.

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