Maggie McClellan

Art is a process…a process that reflects the artist’s life experiences. Emotional, environmental, social and spiritual experiences. The body of art produced by any person who follows a creative journey is molded by all these elements that get thrown together into a single melting pot. My logo for my books is a train.

This probably comes from my original life experience with my father who was fascinated with trains from childhood. He drew a train when he was 7 years old (in England). It’s the only evidence of any fine art talent. However, he went on to become an outstanding and recognized photographer. He has a photo in the permanent collection at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

The reason I choose the train comes from a children’s book “The Little Engine That Could” (published with permission).  It was my inspiration when I was writing my first book “Artist’s Express”.  I felt that a train is a great symbol of the creative journey we take.  There’s lots that go on during the trip, new scenery, varied experiences, different speeds, sometimes things stall out and the destination can be changed at any juncture.