Maggie McClellan

Contemporary Impressionistic Realism


Maggie McClellan’s art books, “What’s It All About?” and “Secrets of the Obedient Brush” prompted me, as a mixed media artist, to ask myself several questions about my art work at this juncture in time.  I was inspired by her to reaffirm my goals, my art process, my skills, style, and interests—past, present, and future. I wound up writing three pages of questions and answers. It provided a new clarity and allowed me to see the big picture going forward.

Not only did these books stimulate important considerations for me, but her wisdom, based on forty years of teaching art and painting, provided new ideas and points of view. Maggie has asked herself the hard questions about making art and we all benefit.

I am grateful to have profited from her knowledge.

Deanna Shapiro, Englewood, Florida  2/1/17

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