What Works


The knowledge of structure, composition, our chosen medium, color, value and subject matter make up the toolbox we use every day to create our paintings. These are the gateways to making an exciting visual experience.

Whether you’re painting abstract, representational, impressionistic or personally expressive; discovery is the mode that takes the artist along a satisfying path towards creative growth. Working with the “real thing” is vital to our understanding of what we paint; so I encourage you to spend time doing studies of your chosen subject
whenever you can inside or outside; landscape, figure or still-life, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re looking at the REAL thing.

My teaching objectives…..me2010
1. Where do you start?
a. What’s the most important thing to know Surface verses Structure
b. Design elements (compositional shapes)
c. Dominance & Harmony
d. Repetition is good
e. Value in reference to color
2. When should you be loose or detailed
3. Mood (palette choices)
4. Plein Air verses photography
5. Working with your medium