Maggie McClellan

Contemporary Impressionistic Realism

Garden of Eden

These galleries do not represent the entire inventory of designs created for each mural.

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These paintings are the blueprint for Art Impact’s crew to follow when painting the actual murals at Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN. The white rectangles, squares, and another blank white shape depicts doorways, pass-through(s), water fountains, etc.   The scale is 1″ to 1′.  The murals are designed to be on both sides of the hallways.  My job was to create the bible story with views on two opposing sides of the compass.  Art Impact incorporated 3-D sculptures and specially designed carpet to integrate the opposing sides as you walked down the hallways.

Art Impact and the church chose to depict scenes from around the world, with animals, birds, fauna and floral along with lakes and rivers, with their inhabitants for the Garden of Eden murals.  These murals were designed as one flowing entity covering 4 hallways (each measuring approximately 170′) around the entire 2nd floor of the Bellevue Baptist Church’s school and the reception area.

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